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A female cop is gunned down and wrongly accused of using excessive force in a hostage rescue attempt. Maniac cop returns from the dead once more to seek revenge, destroying everthing and anyone that stands in his way.
Officer Matt Cordell's third ride from beyond the grave has him looking for a girlfriend. His ideal date should be nice, tender, and dead. He soon finds one in the person of a female officer killed by shop robbers. This gets him in trouble with some living officers, though…
With Maniac Cop 2, director William Lustig and screenwriter Larry Cohen imagined a mixture of bloody slasher and crime thriller The French Connection, and delivered just about the most satisfying sequel imaginable to an original that was hardly great. It delivered on car chases, action set-pieces and slasher mayhem, backed with a witty, sharp script and an impressive cast. It also delivered a full-body- burn climax that was as exciting as it was technically impressive. While part two looked at William Friedkin&#39;s classic thriller for inspiration, just where Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence found inspiration is anyone&#39;s guess, other than perhaps the sort of drivel you used to find buried on the bottom shelf of the video store. Lustig and Cohen have both disowned the movie since its release, and it isn&#39;t difficult to see why.<br/><br/>Citing studio interference, Lustig walked from the set half-way through filming for the movie to be picked up by inexperienced producer Joel Soisson, who is uncredited. The resulting film is less than a half-baked idea: a lumbering mess of a film, primarily made up of filler that is, at times, downright unwatchable. Having clear Matt Cordell&#39;s name and buried him with honours in tact, Detective Sean McKinney (Robert Davi) had hoped to have seen the last of the &#39;Maniac Cop&#39;. His close father-daughter-like relationship with young police officer Katie Sullivan (Gretchen Becker) is ground to a halt when she is gunned down and placed into a coma by junkie Frank (Jackie Earle Haley), only for two &#39;nightcrawler&#39; cameramen to smear her name with some edited footage. After being resurrected by a Voodoo priest, Cordell sees Sullivan as an equally tortured and unfairly disgraced soul, and sets about claiming her for his own.<br/><br/>It&#39;s hard to know where to start with Maniac Cop 3, as the film is so lacking in ideas and structure that it barely has a beginning, middle and end. When it hits a wall, it looks to its predecessor for ideas. So we are treated to another convenience store shootout, another high speed chase, and another finale involving a full body burn. In its defence, the climax mixes both a high speed chase and a full body burn, and while it goes on for a little too long, you have to appreciate the complexity of such an intricate set-piece. Cordell, again played by Robert Z&#39;Dar, is relegated to little more than a glorified cameo in his own movie, appearing ever now and then to carry out a bloody deed seemingly for Voodoo priest Houngan (Julius Harris), whose motives are still unclear when the credits roll. As a fan of the first two Maniac Cop movies, it&#39;s easy to feel as cheated as Lustig did as he stormed off set.
Look, I love &#39;Maniac Cop&#39;. For me it&#39;s one of the 1980s most entertaining exploitation movies, and I think that &#39;Maniac Cop 2&#39; is almost as good. But something went horribly wrong with the third movie in the series. William Lustig is credited as the director and Larry Cohen the writer/co-producer but the magic is missing. I&#39;ve heard Lustig almost apologizing for it in interviews. It isn&#39;t a complete turkey but it&#39;s a major disappointment. Fans of the first two movies would be better to give it a miss and watch the underrated &#39;Uncle Sam&#39; instead, a Lustig/Cohen collaboration which sank without a trace. Matt Cordell, the &quot;maniac cop&quot; (Robert Z&#39;Dar) is resurrected by a priest (Julius Harris, one of the stars of 1970s blaxploitation classics &#39;Black Caesar&#39; and &#39;Superfly&#39;). Meanwhile McKinney (Robert Davi), the cop who cleared Cordell&#39;s name in the previous movie, is outraged when his friend and fellow cop Katie Sullivan (Gretchen Becker), is seriously wounded in a robbery and accused of wrongfully shooting two &quot;victims&quot;. Pretty soon people involved with the case are brutally murdered and McKinney comes to believe that Cordell is back. &#39;Maniac Cop 3&#39; is a big letdown. The plot is paper thin and the whole thing seems tired. Also, unlike the other two movies, the cast is very disappointing. &#39;Maniac Cop&#39; and &#39;Maniac Cop 2&#39; included names like Bruce Campbell, William Smith, Richard Roundtree, Tom Atkins, Claudia Christian and Charles Napier. This time we get pointless cameos from Robert Forster (star of Lustig&#39;s revenge classic &#39;Vigilante&#39;) and Paul Gleason (&#39;The Breakfast Club&#39;), but that&#39;s about it. Davi is left surrounded by a bunch of no-names. Everything about this movie indicates that it is a rushed and ill thought out cash-in. Unless you&#39;re a rabid Matt Cordell fan I say forget about it.

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